DIY Lace Candle Lighting – Transform Your Table

Finding the perfect glass to use as a centerpiece or lighting is as simple as going to your local thrift shop or dollar store. You will be amazed at the number of glass styles found online or at your local Dollar Tree. It’s so easy to transform them into elegant pieces by just adding a little lace fabric.

What you need: glass vase, decoupage or mod podge glue, sponge paint brush, lace, and these instructions

Lace Candles Voltive Lighting

I found these inspirational pieces at Bridesmaid. I thought these would be perfect at a wedding, even though they were used for Halloween lighting. I love black as a wedding color, but for those of you who do not, this idea works well with white lace, or lace of any color for that matter. Check out a few inspiration photos below:

Lace Covered Jars Wedding Lighting

[via Etsy]

Just be careful with the fabric you choose. These can be an elegant addition to any table setting. However, they can also look like something you’ve discovered in your grandma’s attic, hidden way in that mysterious box. So be careful to not overdo it with the lace and watch the fabric pattern that you choose to avoid a look that’s old fashion, but not in a good way.

Lace Cover Jars Wedding Lighting

[via Villa Russo Catering]

Lace Voltives Wedding DIY

[via The Charity Wedding]

Wedding Candle Votive Lace

[via Pinterest]

Wedding Candle Votive Lace Holder

[via Carolyn’s Homework]

Burlap Lace Votive Wedding Lighting

[via Pinterest]

White Lace Votive Candles Wedding Lights

[via The Sweetest Occasion]

How To Make Marshmallow Pops…YUM!

So I’m going to try these this weekend, and hope they turn out better than my cake pops. Love making cake pops, it’s a wonderfully messy experience that I prefer to leave to my talented neighbor who is a tad bit more patient than I am. Now these Marshmallow Pops are more of my speed, I can focus less on the making, and more on the decorating.

Marshmallow Pops

You only need a few simple easy to find items to make these yummy treats: paper straws or popsicle sticks, giant marshmallows, coconut, white chocolate, sprinkles, crushed graham crackers, candy dots, and food coloring. They make perfect little gifts or favors for weddings, Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, and of course birthdays. Head over to Mommy GaGa for details on how to make these yummy pops.

Marshmallow Pops 2

Directions @ Mommy GaGa



Going Dutch On A Wedding…Ring?

Would you help purchase your own wedding ring? I always thought of myself as a progressive kind of gal, but the traditionalist in me is having a hard time dealing with this. The size of the ring doesn’t matter to me as long as it comes from the heart, so I’m not sure why I would want to buy my own ring, other than to break away from gender roles and tradition. There is something terribly romantic and chivalrous to me when a man shops for a ring on his own, and surprises his woman with the proposal.

Pink Proposal Two



Wedding Flowers – An Easy DIY Guide To Flowers

Simplicity is the key to doing anything on your own. For the DIY Bride who wants a very hands on approach to styling her wedding, this guide makes it so simple. Picking flowers shouldn’t be a tedious experience, and this “visual” tool makes it so much easier. Remember, I’m a very visual person, so charts like this saves me time and research. I can see how things work together, and make better decisions faster.

Wedding Flowers Color Chart Infographic

Dallas Man Surprises Girlfriend With “Pinterest” Dream Wedding

Ryan Leak of Dallas, TX overheard his girlfriend, Amanda Roman telling a friend, “How cool would it be to get engaged and married on the same day.” That’s all the information Leak needed to plan the perfect wedding to his girlfriend of five years, that and her Pinterest board.

So how did he pull off this secret wedding? Check out the full documentary video above. If you can’t watch it, here are few details [below] from Today:

One weekend — on the fifth anniversary of the day Leak first asked Roman out on a date — he took her to Miami for what she thought was simply a romantic getaway.

Instead, he proposed.


When Roman said yes, the couple went to a hotel lounge to celebrate — where Leak surprised his new fiancé with a hundred of their friends and family members, and a wedding he’d secretly planned and organized based largely on her Pinterest pins.


Pinterest proved invaluable for Leak, cluing him into Roman’s wishes so that he could surprise her with her dream wedding. Leak selected a venue, a cake, and even a dress based on her pins, and said he was also inspired to choose her engagement ring based on several options she pinned.


As much as social media helped him, though, he also knew that it could play spoiler. A few days before the engagement and wedding, Leak put all of the guests on social media lockdown so that his girlfriend wouldn’t figure out what was going on. {…Read the rest}